Family Access

You may request access to view information on your family members and securely communicate on their behalf using OSF MyChart. Access is granted once signed authorization forms are received. Please note, OSF MyChart is currently only available to patients who are receiving care from an OSF physician or advanced practitioner. If you are a current patient and do not have an OSF MyChart account, please click the Sign Up Now button to the right of the screen.

Electronically submit your request by signing into your OSF MyChart account.
Under the Messaging menu, select Request Family Access, and click on the hyperlinks to:
- Grant another adult access to your record
- Request access to a minor's record (under twelve years old) -- Parents and Legal Guardians only
- Request restriction to a patient's record

Paper forms will still be accepted for Child Under 12 Proxy and Adult Proxy. Print the form, complete, and take to your family member's OSF physician or advanced practitioner's office. One patient per form, please.

Access to minors age 12-17 years old: Illinois and Michigan state law protects a minor's (age 12-17) health information when a qualifying condition exists as they are considered to have the same legal capacity as an adult in regards to their medical treatment. For this reason, authorization forms are only available at the office/facility and must be signed in-person by the patient and parent/legal guardian.

Special Circumstances:
- Access to a minor: If legal decisions, rulings, or judgments related to parental rights have been made that could impact OSF MyChart access to a child's record, please provide copies along with the proxy form.
- If a patient is incapacitated, unable to communicate, make decisions, or sign, please provide copies of relevant legal documents (Guardianship, Power of Attorney, etc.).